India Stack is

A vision for the world / a vision for India

A vehicle for financial and social inclusion

National plumbing for the Internet Age

A collection of open APIs empowering people and businesses

Inspired by the principles of open-source software and interoperability

India Stack is the moniker for a set of open APIs and digital public goods that aim to unlock the economic primitives of identity, data, and payments at population scale. Although the name of this project bears the word India, the vision of India Stack is not limited to one country; it can be applied to any nation, be it a developed one or an emerging one. Having said that, this project was conceptualized and first implemented in India, where its rapid adoption by billions of individuals and businesses has helped promote financial and social inclusion and positioned the country for the
Internet Age.

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Statistics of success

Technology for 1.2 Billion Indians

67 billion

Total number of digital identity verifications

14.05 trillion

INR total value of monthly real-time mobile payments

8.6 billion

Total volume of monthly real-time mobile payments


Operational Account Aggregators


The Unique ID Authority of India (UIDAI) is formed


The very first Aadhaar card is issued


NPCI launches Aadhaar Payments Bridge & Aadhaar Enabled Payments System to channel government subsidies directly into Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.


UIDAI launches eKYC which brings the Know-Your-Customer cost for banks down from ~$23 to ~$0.15


CCA launches eSign as an open API, allowing Aadhaar holders to digitally sign any document


MeitY launches Digilocker


The number of Aadhaar holders crosses 1 billion


NPCI launches Unified Payments Interface, a revolution in real-time mobile payments


The number of mobile payments made using UPI crosses 1 billion


UPI monthly transaction volumes cross 1 billion


UPI monthly transaction volumes cross 4 billion


The Account Aggregator framework goes live with 8 banks